Welcome To The Clean Laundromat

Clean Laundromat - a Blackfoot laundromat

Welcome to The Clean Laundromat. Or should we say — The new and improved Clean Laundromat! If you haven’t heard, this facility is under new ownership and we’ve been making a lot of upgrades. As a result, you’ll enjoy the best and cleanest laundromat in Blackfoot. For example, here are a couple of many reviews about the changes.

“I have been there since the new owners have taken over and it is a complete change. Give them another try 🙂” — Nicole Dial

Thanks Nicole!

“I hear the new owners are amazing! They have remodeled and turned this place around so much nicer cleaner.” — Nikkie Leavitt

Thanks Nikkie!

What has got everybody talking about us? Let’s take a look at some of the changes we have made recently.


  • We’ve built a new website. But you already knew that since you are already here.
  • Free WIFI. If you want to login while your laundry is going, the password is welcometub
  • Now open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • New machines! We have 28 washers and 30 dryers available. No more waiting for an open machine!
  • New large washing machines. They’ll hold up to 80 pounds — perfect for washing your blankets and comforters.
  • New bathroom fixtures. Everything is touchless.
  • Vending machines.
  • Air conditioning has been installed.
  • Large TVs have been added.
  • Updates to the flooring and benches.
  • The facility is cleaned daily.
  • An attendant at the location during the day on most days.

We celebrated with a Grand Re-Opening event a few weeks ago with free pizza for everyone! It was a blast. This is all to bring you Blackfoot’s premier laundromat. We are here to serve your needs — any time of day, any size of load, or any number of loads. In conclusion, welcome to the new and improved Clean Laundromat. So, come see us inside Riverside Plaza at 1350 Parkway Drive #8, right around the corner from Little Ceasars Pizza.

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